The CFM is revamping the Sourcebook. It’s new name is the CFM Source and it will be our online catalogue for members to list their musical ensembles and services.

Ensembles will be listed by style of music which will make the CFM Source more effective in marketing either you as a soloist or your ensemble, band or orchestra. When a purchaser views these styles they will be able to select a type of music that will fit the theme of their event or the style of music they are looking for. Besides these individual categories there will also be an index (in alphabetical order) of all ensembles in the Source. This allows repeat purchasers to directly look for a particular ensembles name.

The CFM Source also supports music preparation. Arranger, copyist and orchestrator categories have been added to help the public as well as other musicians find these important musical services.

The cost is $50.00 for two years. Members can list in multiple categories. This service is available to all members in good standing.

When the CFM Source is up and running the style listings below will link to a table displaying (in alphabetical order) the ensembles, soloists or services who have chosen to list in that category. The tables with their black background, will show the name of the ensemble and a short text (20 words max.) describing the listing. The ensembles’ name will link to the ad for that listing.

The style listings below are not functional at this time, they are here to show the listings. HOWEVER Accordion and Alternative are linked to a demo page to show you the look of the listing tables. The listings on those pages are not linked to ads.

The TEST PAGE is linked to a table with the 4 working links to demo ads. These demo ads show the contact possibilities. The description are (white text) next to the band names (yellow text) tell how the contact info is set up.

TEST PAGE See how it works!

All Ensembles (An alphabetical listing of all ensembles/soloists)

* Accordion
* Arrangers
* Bagpipes
* Big Band
* Bluegrass
* Blues
* Brass
* Classical
* Copyists
* Country
* Dixieland
* Early Jazz
* Ethnic Music
* Experimental
* Folk
* Funk
* Guitar
* Harp
* Hip Hop
* Indie
* Jazz
* Keyboard
* Klezmer
* Latin
* Marching Bands
* Music Preparation
* New Music
* Organ
* Original
* Orchestrators
* Percussion
* Piano
* Pop
* R & B
* Recording Studios
* Rock
* Salsa
* Solo Players
* Strings
* Vocalists
* Woodwinds
* Zydeco/Cajun